Society Officers and Delegates

William Broaddus, MD
Richmond, VA Email: wcbroadd [at] vcu [dot] edu

Lee Selznick, MD
Winchester, VA Email: leeselznick [at] yahoo [dot] com

Zev Elias, MD
Roanoke, VA Email: brainexplorer [at] msn [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Yashar Kalani
Charlottesville, NC Email: cerebral [at] kalanimed [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Scott Simon, MD

Hershey,, PA Email: ssimon [at] hmc [dot] psu [dot] edu

CSNS Alternate Delegate
Lisa Apfel, MD
Roanoke, VA Email: lapfel [at] carilion [dot] com

Society Meetings

-- No state meeting information is available at this time --

Additional Information
Neurological Society of the Virginias January 2011 Meeting

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