Society Officers and Delegates

Seyed Emadian, MD
Tullahoma, TN Email: semadian [at] charter [dot] net

Jeffrey Sorenson, MD
Memphis, TN Email: jsorenson [at] semmes-murphey [dot] com

Raul Cardenas
Memphis, TN Email: rcardenas [at] semmes-murphey [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Michael Fromke, MD
Knoxville, TN Email: mfromke [at] emhs [dot] org

CSNS Delegate
Paul Klimo, MD, MPH

Memphis, TN Email: atomkpnk [at] yahoo [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Hamid Shah
Nashville, TN Email: hamid [dot] shah [at] vanderbilt [dot] edu

Administrative Assistant
Brenda Bradshaw
Memphis, TN Email: bbradshaw [at] semmes-murphey [dot] com

Society Meetings

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   Tennessee Neurosurgical Society
   Ratio: (120-3)

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