Society Officers and Delegates

Kenneth Blumenfeld, MD
San Jose, CA Email: kennethblumenfeld [at] mac [dot] com

Langston Holly, MD
Email: lholly [at] mednet [dot] ucla [dot] edu

Mark Linskey, MD
Email: mlinskey [at] uci [dot] edu

Ripul Panchal, DO
Email: ripul [dot] panchal [at] ucdmc [dot] ucdavis [dot] edu

CSNS Delegate
Moustapha Abou-Samra, MD
Ventura, CA Email: mabousamra [at] aol [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Kenneth Blumenfeld, MD
San Jose, CA Email: kennethblumenfeld [at] mac [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Joseph Chen, MD
South Pasadena, CA Email: jctchen [at] me [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Omid Hariri, DO
Redlands, CA Email: ohaririucla [at] gmail [dot] com

CSNS Delegate
Deborah Henry, MD
Newport Beach, CA Email: dchenry [dot] md [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

CSNS Delegate
Mark Linskey, MD
Email: mlinskey [at] uci [dot] edu

CSNS Delegate
Marc Vanefsky, MD
Anaheim, CA Email: marc [dot] a [dot] vanefsky [at] kp [dot] org

CSNS Delegate
Patrick Wade, MD
Glendale, CA Email: pjw7 [at] earthlink [dot] net

CSNS Alternate Delegate
Kimberly Page, MD
Redding, CA Email: kristins [at] nvneuro [dot] com

Executive Director
Emily Schile
California Association of Neurological Surgeons
5380 Elvas Ave., Ste. 215
Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: (916) 457-2267
Fax: (916) 457-8202
Email: emily [at] cans1 [dot] org

Randy Smith, MD
CA Email: rws-avopro [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Society Meetings

-- No state meeting information is available at this time --

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