The CSNS functions through a number of standing and ad-hoc committees. Dr. Alan Scarrow heads the Medico-Legal Committee of the CSNS. He is considered a good choice as a leader of this committee because, besides practicing neurosurgery as a full-time profession, he also holds a law degree. Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet, Chair of the CSNS Editorial/Publication Committee recently interviewed Dr. Scarrow regarding his Committee's work on a number of medico-legal issues. Learn more about this committee and how you can become an active member.

Highlighting the Medico-Legal Committee: Q&A with Alan Scarrow, MD, JD (March 2008)

Alan ScarrowMick Perez-Cruet
Alan Scarrow, M.D., J.D.Mick Perez-Cruet, M.D.
CSNS Report: Communication & Education Committee - Bringing Socioeconomic Concerns to the Forefront through Education
with Mike Steinmetz, MD (July 2008)

CSNS Report: Neuro Trauma Committee - Addressing Volatile Neuro Trauma Issues from a Grass Roots Perspective
with Shelly Timmons, MD (July 2008)

The Committees of the Council of State Neurological Societies - Highlighting the Young Physicians Committee
with Cathy Mazzola, MD (July 2008)
Cathy Mazzola
Cathy Mazzola, MD