Information for CSNS Fellows

  1. Committee descriptions
  2. Committee projects with contact information for projects
  3. Upcoming meeting agenda
  4. How to make your fellowship successful (New fellows)
  5. How to draft a resolution
  6. Future meeting dates and times
  7. Evaluation guidelines: How well has the CSNS Socioeconomic Fellow completed the following specific requirements? (Unacceptable / Acceptable / Above Average / Outstanding)
    • Attend CSNS meetings
    • Actively participate in a standing committee
    • Develop an educational program for own residency program, the CSNS website, or a state neurosurgical society
    • Complete at least 1 project as a principle participant (through a standing or ad hoc committee, for the Bulletin peer-review section, for the CSNS website, or similar)
    • Establish an ongoing mentor/mentee relationship with a member of the CSNS/Washington Committee to include regular meetings, delineation of specific goals, and evaluation
  8. Fellowship FAQ

Project Information for CSNS Fellows

History of prior fellows (xls format)

History of fellow projects (xls format)

Projects completed: