Committee Overview

Many of the challenges facing neurosurgery revolve around work force issues so this committee has been extremely active for the last few years. In answer to some of the most pressing concerns of neurosurgeons throughout the United States, in both private practice and academics, the committee has taken on several demanding and controversial projects.

  • Neurosurgery Census: It has become clear that the global neurosurgery work force is changing rapidly and that no one organization maintains an accurate assessment of practicing neurosurgeons. This data is essential for many endeavors including the critical issue of medical liability reform. The committee is spearheading the effort to complete a nationwide census of neurosurgeons to define the actual number of neurosurgeons in active practice along with the scope of their practice.
  • Survey of APNs and PAs in Neurosurgery: A survey is being developed to define the current state of practice nationally. This work will complement the work done on the scope of practice (see above) and should be useful for work being done to establish a curriculum for neurosurgical physician extenders.

Committee Directors

ChairpersonKarin Swartz4/2013
Vice-ChairpersonDebraj Mukherjee9/2015

Committee Members

Owoicho AdogwaMaya Babu
Jason BlattLola Chambless
Chaim ColenHolly Gilmer
Deborah HenrySatish Krishnamurthy
John McGregorRichard Menger
Susan PannulloGregory Smith
Ann StroinkScott Wallace
Linda Xu