Committee Overview

The CSNS Neurotrauma and Emergency Neurosurgery Committee researches and presents reports, surveys and white papers as assigned by the CSNS Executive Committee, including issues related to regional trauma care coverage, reimbursement issues, trauma workforce issues, dissemination and utilization of advances in treatment, and training program competencies in emergency neurosurgery.

This committee works closely with the Joint Section of Neurotrauma and Critical Care (JSNTCC) to effectively identify and address socioeconomic and health policy issues related to neurotrauma, emergency neurosurgery, and critical care. A liaison from the CSNS Neurotrauma and Emergency Neurosurgery Committee reports to the CSNS Executive Committee and JSNTCC Executive Committee. The CSNS Neurotrauma and Emergency Neurosurgery Committee assists with, and provides input and expertise for socioeconomic issues that may arise at the semi-annual meetings of the JSNTCC, including investigation and reporting of socioeconomic and health policy issues of potential interest to the JSNTCC.

At each CSNS meeting, the Neurotrauma and Emergency Neurosurgery Committee meets in advance of the general sessions to discuss new issues that have arisen in the areas from whence the committee members hail, as well as issues that are being debated at the national level. The committee may author resolutions on topics of interest, or discussion may support creation of a resolution from any of the participating members. The committee also reviews resolutions that involve the delivery of neurotrauma and emergency neurosurgerical care to prepare commentary from the committee for the general session. Representation within the committee from both academic and private practice viewpoints is solid; several residents also participate in committee activities. Any questions or concerns about neurotrauma or emergency neurosurgical care delivery may be directed through state CSNS delegates to the committee for consideration or may be directed to the chairperson or vice-chairperson.

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Committee Directors

ChairpersonJ. Adair Prall4/2013
Vice-ChairpersonSharon Webb

Committee Members

Hooman AzmiJeremy Amps
Maya BabuKenneth Blumenfeld
Kristopher HootenRoss Jenkins
Gregory MuradJames Robbins
Gary SimondsPhilip Tally
Shelly TimmonsScott Wallace
Stacey Wolfe