Committee Overview

The purpose of the Patient Safety Committee is to educate the CSNS membership and organized neurosurgery on topics related to patient safety science and research, and explore applications for the practice of neurological surgery. The committee also aims to engage with other patient safety organizations and stakeholders to advance the cause of safety for the neurosurgical patient. The committee works in coordination with the Neurosurgery Quality Council.

Committee Directors

ChairpersonKristopher Kimmell4/2017
Vice-ChairpersonWayel Kaakaji

Committee Members

Owoicho AdogwaJeremy Amps
Desmond BrownJack Dunn
Jason HauptmanKristopher Hooten
Juan JimenezKristopher Kimmell
Ajit KrishnaneyJohn McGregor
Debraj MukherjeeMichael Park
Charles RosenGary Simonds
Sherry TaylorKrystal Tomei
Rishi WadhwaSharon Webb
Brad Zacharia

Committee Documents
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